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NPC helps individuals and entrepreneurs create Personal Contingency Plans, empowering their loved ones or business partners to keep the business of life running smoothly in an emergency.

Pave the Way

Give your loved ones peace of mind.  You manage the finances and have planned for your retirement. Ensure that your family has the expertise to keep the business of life running smoothly and make insightful decisions in an emergency.  Your loved ones will be grateful for your forethought.  Let's discuss how NPC's proprietary plan can help you prepare.

Manage Life's Transitions

We help our clients and their beneficiaries implement the plans they created with us. When you inherit benefits and assets from a loved one, NPC enables you to navigate the complex organizational processes required to transfer assets and benefits.  When you feel like you're in a foreign land and need an interpreter, NPC has the expertise and tools you need.  

Grow Your Business

When you need help planning or executing your next project, let NPC guide the process. Leverage our solid foundation of experience and thought leadership to take your business to the next level.  Utilize our insights and skills to transform your processes, workflows, and strategies, and in doing so, your business.  Let's discuss how we can help shape and improve how you do business.

Introducing NPC

During 2018, it became clear that individuals and entrepreneurs need a new kind of consulting service. One that helps people solve the real-world obstacles they are facing. Our services make a difference in people's lives at a time when they are so challenged emotionally and practically. That is why Niche Partnership Consulting was created.