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Personal Contingency Plans

Give loved ones, your business partner, and yourself peace of mind. Ensure they have the expertise to keep the business of life running smoothly in an emergency and make insightful decisions. They will be grateful for your forethought, easing a naturally stressful time.  

NPC's Personal Contingency Plan includes:

  • Creating an inventory of your benefits, financial information, bills, passwords, essential personal documents, and more.

  • Identifying gaps and next steps.  

  • Defining crucial conversations that need to take place and with whom.

  • Reviewing the plan with confidants.​ (Except the DIY package)

Investment and Process

  • DIY plans start at $797.

  • Full-service individual plans start at $2,997.

  • Full-service plans for dual financial manager households begin at $3,997.

  • Full-service plans for dual financial manager households with one business start at $4,997.

  • 30-day process commitment required.

  • Includes one-on-one meetings, a three-hour working session (for full-service plans), and homework.